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Overview/ Outcomes/ Benefits

FRESCo has designed and  run numerous energy efficiency programs for utilities and governments. One example is the FortisBC Efficiency for Rental Apartment and Accommodations Program.

This is a FREE program that helps apartment buildings and accommodations reduce natural gas consumption by 12-27% and lower their water bills. The program started in late 2015 and has benefited over 1200 buildings so far.

The program is BC-wide and includes:

  • Installation of FREE water efficient showerheads and faucet aerators. Valued approximately $50 per unit. 
  • Access to FREE energy assessments to identify energy efficiency upgrade opportunities to reduce energy consumption and operational costs. Get advice for upgrading heating systems, improving ventilation systems and more. Valued over $3,000. 
  • (Optional) Access to FREE professional support for FortisBC Rebate Eligible Upgrades. to make it easier and reduce the time, hassle and costs associated with your building implementing energy upgrades. Support includes answering your questions, designing upgrade solutions, tendering, creating a business case, and post installation inspection. Valued over $6,000. 
  • Access to financial rebates for qualifying buildings completing energy upgrades. Our team supports your rebate application.  
  • $100 Amazon gift card: Limited time bonus offer paid to building operators for each new registered participating building.  

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Overview/ Outcomes/ Benefits

Benefits to landlords and tenants

  • Helps maximize Return on Investment (ROI) by reducing operating costs through energy and water efficient upgrades.
  • Makes fixture replacement and equipment upgrades easy, saving time and hassle.
  • Provides end-to-end service from an expert advisor providing owners/managers with objective recommendations, and a business case (optional) that will assist with making an informed investment decision.
  • Saves managers time by letting third-party professionals due the heavy lifting on energy efficiency projects.

Benefits to landlords and tenants

Eligibility requirements

The building must:

  • be a purpose-built rental containing a minimum of nine units
  • receive natural gas from FortisBC under a commercial rate class
  • have central natural gas water heating
  • not be slated for demolition
  • not have water-efficient showerheads and aerators previously installed

Eligibility requirements

Getting started process

  1. Connect with us by filling out the form and we will contact you to help with the online application process.
  2. Once approved by FortisBC, you will receive a call from the installers to set up a time for the equipment installs and one from the engineer to schedule an energy assessment.

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Getting started process


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Case Study:RAP 269 3528 Vaness Ave.

Managed by: Concert Realty Services


This building is a concrete built in 2000, it has electric baseboards for space heating and 2 gas fired make up air units that provide heated air for the building hallways and the necessary hallway pressurization for odor and smoke control. The domestic hot water heaters used 2 atmospheric boilers and 6 hot water storage tanks.

Installs and Assessment:

This building joined the RAP program in October 2016. They had the free shower heads and aerators installed, potentially saving them over 3 million litres of water annually and over 450 Gj of gas. It was identified during the energy efficiency assessment conducted by one of FRESCo’s engineers, that a Domestic Hot Water Upgrade and piping insulation were the 2 most important upgrades. These upgrades had an overall 15% return on investment.


Concert decided to go ahead with implementation and the FRESCo crew created a business case for the Domestic Hot Water(DHW) system. It was established that removing the existing DHW heaters and storage tanks and replacing them with 2 new high efficiency condensing DHW heaters and 3 new storage tanks was the efficient choice.

Concert has been working with Fresco since last year and enjoy working with the Fresco team…I look forward to work with you on our future projects

Ram Gopal, Operations Manager

Results and Post Consumption Analysis:

reduction in gas
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