RAP 269 3528 Vaness Ave.

RAP 269 3528 Vaness Ave.

June 18th, 2018 | fresco_Dev

Managed by: Concert Realty Services


This building is a concrete built in 2000, it has electric baseboards for space heating and 2 gas fired make up air units that provide heated air for the building hallways and the necessary hallway pressurization for odor and smoke control. The domestic hot water heaters used 2 atmospheric boilers and 6 hot water storage tanks.

Installs and Assessment:

This building joined the RAP program in October 2016. They had the free shower heads and aerators installed, potentially saving them over 3 million litres of water annually and over 450 Gj of gas. It was identified during the energy efficiency assessment conducted by one of FRESCo’s engineers, that a Domestic Hot Water Upgrade and piping insulation were the 2 most important upgrades. These upgrades had an overall 15% return on investment.


Concert decided to go ahead with implementation and the FRESCo crew created a business case for the Domestic Hot Water(DHW) system. It was established that removing the existing DHW heaters and storage tanks and replacing them with 2 new high efficiency condensing DHW heaters and 3 new storage tanks was the efficient choice.

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