02.1 /Energy Efficiency Analysis

  • Energy Audits assess how much energy (or water) your building consumes and evaluates upgrade measures to make your building more efficient. We integrate sound financial analysis into our audit to help you achieve cost effective projects. Access funding through province and utilities for both gas and electric fuel source.
    • FRESCo is able to offer FREE energy audits to a variety of building types as part of fully funded programs we offer through FortisBC.
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis is a tool to determine the most cost-effective option among different competing alternatives. It accounts  for capital and  operating costs over the lifetime of an upgrade measure.
  • Energy Benchmarking examines the energy performance of your building, comparing it to other similar buildings, and to itself over time.
  • Measurement and verification is the process for quantifying actual savings achieved by an Energy Conservation Measure.

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